Fulcrum Led Magnifying Floor Lamp

Magnifier Lamp Reviews

When you have low vision and want to read – Magnifying  lamps will help you get back to doing something you have probably missed very much – the ability to read.

When you need your hands free so you can work with your hobby or a craft, this kind of craft light will help you to see the fine details.

So let’s discuss these…

Magnifier Floor Lamp

Magnify your reading materialIf you have low vision problems or suffer from eye strain, it can be difficult to see the fine print. And you most likely miss that. There is so much one cannot do when one has poor vision.

There is a very detailed article here that will give you some guidance in how to approach shopping for a unit that will help, while staying within budget.

You need a Magnifier floor lamp.  You will often be able to see things in fine detail, without eye strain with these.

Craft Light

Embroidery HobbyDo you sew, do cross stitch or embroidery? You need to see well  to sew tiny stitches or rip seams out.

It is difficult to hold a hand held magnifying glass in one hand and do your stitching – now you won’ t have to. Your work will be both well lit and magnified. See the Craft light magnifier lamps to work on hobbies that have small detail.

Best Magnifying Lamp

The best selling magnifying floor lamp according to Amazon Customers is Fulcrum 12 LED Magnifier 20072-401

And the best selling craft magnifying lamp according to customer feedback is Mighty Brite Floor LED Light And Magnifier


Browse the links at the top to see a fine selection at some of the best magnifying lamps around. The suggested magnifier lamps are from Amazon.com because the company often has the sale price listed far below what you can find it in stores.  And it is often offered with with free Super Saver Shipping.