5 diopter magnifying lampWheeled Magnifier Floor Lamp

Wheeled Magnifier Floor Lamp – Strong 5-Diopter Magnifcation

Premium Wheeled Magnifier Floor Lamp – Strong 5-Diopter Magnifcationlighted magnifier floor lamp
gives value in a premium-quality task light used in salons, clinics and manufacturing plants – the 5 diopter magnifying lamp is affordable for home use as well.

Important is the weighted 4-leg roller stand which will provide good stability; 30″ fixed-height base with 34″ flex-arm gives you many standing and sitting positioning options plus it will reach over obstacles, so it is very versatile.

The power switch is located on the lamp head, and dust cover keeps the lens clean and protected. Dust cover is removed when in use.

 Low Vision Aid

Low Vision Magnifiers – A number of people use the magnifier floor lamp because they have low vision problems. It magnifies and lights the item to ease the sight problem as a low vision aid and macular degeneration aid.

It can be used with children’s work as well as adults.

This Premium Wheeled Magnifier Floor Lamp is the answer. The price is right and the quality top notch.

But before you buy now, look at more benefits derived from owning such a work horse. It is not only a beautiful unit that folds up neatly out of the way, but has such high quality, maneuverability, and is so versatile in its uses. No lifting or carrying needed.  And the lens is precision ground optical quality.

There is no need to unscrew your manifying lamp from the table or bench when ever it needs to be put away, or moved.  You just wheel it where you need it.

Works by plugging into your electricity, so no batteries to buy.

Wheeled Magnifier Floor Lamp Stability

The weighted 4-leg roller stand provides excellent stability. The 30” fixed-height with 34” flex-arm give you standing/sitting positioning options, plus reaching over obstacles.

This is good because it makes it easy to use in a low setting chair, or if you are tall and need the reachable height.  The lamp head itself turns to adjust to just the right angle of use.

It has a convenient power switch on the lamp head and a dust cover that protects and keeps lens clean when not in use.  Arm can fold up against itself for easy storage, or out of the way.

But keep reading, there is more ways to bring you wonderful benefits.

Wheeled Magnifier Floor Lamp With 5-Diopter Magnifcation Features

  • Powerful magnification and illumination with mobility – rolls to where you need it!
  • Precision optical-quality 5″-diameter glass lens with 5 diopter magnification
  • Wheeled floor lamp has heavy-duty 4-leg stand with full-swivel casters, 34″ easy-adjust arm with rotation for perfect angle
  • Magnifier floor lamp has a highly efficient 22-watt fluorescent lamp produces eye-pleasing light with less heat & reduced glare
  • 5” diameter glass lens (not plastic)
  • 30” fixed height from base
  • High efficiency 22-watt fluorescent circline white light tube .   Produces bright , non-glare task lighting with less heat. Daylight fluores.
  • Magnifier with light has a six foot cord with three prong grounded power plug – UL-listed
  • Spring extension arm for easier placement and maneuverability
  • Dust cover to protect lens from dust or harm when not in use
  • Task light has unique cantilever arm automatically holds position; convenient power switch on lamp head, UL-Listed
  •  Classic White finish on all-steel construction (lamp head is impact resistant ABS)

Here is what this 4 wheeled magnifier floor lamp can do for you or the one who you gift it to.

Benefits Of  Strong 5-Diopter Wheeled Magnifier floor lamp

  1. For professional use in shops, offices, and manufacturing
  2. Use in the home detailed crafts, needlework, fly tying, wood carving, and precision work of most kinds
  3. Magnification for macular degeneration and other various eye problems
  4. Powerful uniform magnification
  5. Rolls to needed area no need to lift or carry.
  6. Precision optical quality glass magnification reduces scratches or damaging to lens over time. No plastic lens to mar or scar.
  7. Easy precise adjustment to work area
  8. Easy on eyes with less heat and reduces glare
  9. Well balanced to not fall easily even with arm at full extension
  10. Power switch on magnifier head for easier access
  11. All steal construction for more long lasting durability
  12. Adjustable head easily positioned to your own needs
  13. fluorescent cool light does not cause heat to build up under bulb
  14. making it more comfortable to work with hands under light for longer periods of time.

Premium Wheeled Magnifier Floor Lamp – Strong 5-Diopter Magnifcation


Pros And Cons Of Wheeled Magnifier Lamp

Pros: If you are like me you want to see things in clearly defined minute detail.  You even want the colors to be just right.  You can with this Wheeled Magnifier Floor lamp.

It is easy to place the glass itself near or far from your work to your own comfort and correct angle. Head unit is easy to work under without excess heat.

It is excellent not only as a workbench magnifier, but for older, or in-firmed ones, in wheel chairs, and children and adults who are having vision problems.

The wheels roll easily, yet stay put where you need the unit.  Also easy to move the magnifying head to you or from you as needed without losing your own personal adjustment.

It is the lamp to have for close precision work of most kinds.  One advantage is that it does not have to be attached or removed from edge of table or bench.

The easy maneuverability is a plus, whether it is in the kitchen, den, shop, manufacturing areas, or doing precise needle work or craft work.

The base is heavy enough it won’t tip easily.  With the wheels on the base it can be easily rolled from one location to another.

Now is the time to buy and start enjoying

Cons: I really have not found any negative.  I have seen a complaint that the magnifier floor lamp came damaged.  This could have been done in the “on the road freight shipping” (rather than the company packaging,) from dropping or throwing, however, it was taken care of right away, so the person was happy.

There also was some complaint that a replacement light could not be found.  Perhaps the store clerk did not know what name to look under.

Hardware and lighting stores carry this 22 watt cool white circline tube florescent light bulb.  If not in stock it can be ordered quickly. Really it is a common fluorescent daylight bulb. GE and Westinghouse make them.

They are cool white, 4 prong, but not full spectrum.  If you want full spectrum then you must look on the net.


Tip:  When the light is at full extension, like any arm with exerted pressure on the end, it can tip.

If you are working with full extension of arm it might be wise to adjust the leg to point in the direction of arm extension for more balance.  Please notice the picture.

Now is the time to see things in a big, easy to see manner, if you have any vision problems, or want to magnify your shop, crafts, professional work or art, or just catching up on reading material then this is the one to buy.


5 Diopter Task Light Sale

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